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The economy and a healthy population, a two way relationship

Last week I had to do a flash talk on the links between health & well being and the economy. This was in the context of an event on inclusive growth, following the publication of the 2018 State of Sheffield report. I was taking about the health and well being chapter (that my fabulous team […]

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Public sector anchor institutions and inclusive economic growth

Ted Howard from the Democracy Collaborative was in town last week He was the star turn in a workshop exploring the art of the possible on the subject of public organisations as economic anchors, the context of inclusive growth. He imparted a lot of wisdom in a short space of time, and left us with […]

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Role of anchor institutions in sustainable economic growth.

Went to an excellent session a month or two back Ted Howard  of the Democracy Collaboraborative was the headline act With a few able support acts I learned a lot in a short space of time In the spirit of democratising knowledge, here is my note of the meeting 1. What is the Democracy Collaboraborative […]

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An ecological approach to measuring local happiness

Guest post by @peterroderick15   How to measure happiness at a population level? Happiness itself is a devilishly slippery concept at an individual level (is it about income, or mental wellbeing, or physical health, or social interaction, or life expectancy, or self-reported interpretations of the word happy…or something else entirely?), never mind when considering units […]

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Embedding the notion of social value in leisure contracts. 10 thoughts.

Thanks to those that helped draft and with ideas – Rob Copeland, Alex Shilcoff, Ollie Hart, Piers Simney, Kate Ardern, Emma Edwards Probably others who helped and I’ve forgotten. Everyone is doing “social value” now in commissioning. This is great, it’s a bit of a slippery concept however. I got asked for views on this […]

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Healthy Sustainable Economies

What does a “healthy, sustainable economy” look like. Some ideas   This is a guest post of work done by others   I’ve been thinking about this issue for a while and not quite nailed it. Fortunately people considerably cleverer than me have had a go at…   here are their thoughts: Peter Roderick, Yannish […]