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Should we ban vaping like San Francisco

I’ve been asked this question 4 times over the last few weeks since the proposed ban in San Francisco broke. My answer is No, in short. This blog explains Here is my reasoning, in 4 parts. Regulatory framework vaping commencement in children Long term effects Commencement in children Striking the right balance . . 1). […]

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Health optimisation as a strategy for financial saving

I’m distinguishing the financial from clinical benefit here, and mandatory threshold policies and system and pathway to support type approach to implementation. For those short on patience – it’s a poor strategy for financial saving, it may exacerbate inequalities, it’s a good idea health gain wise. I’ve been here a few times historically on smoking […]

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Stop before your op – great plan if done well for the right reasons. Terrible idea if done to save money

Another policy zombie  Ban on elective surgery till you have stopped smoking. Pitched as a policy device to save money. My own view, based on this is that there is NOT a case for this I’d advise (strongly) against heading down this path Some thoughts: Ethics issues The policy should be considered through the standard […]

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Smoking reduction and it’s link to economic issues – changing the frame 

I’d previously written about my thought experiment around being ambitious re really achieving a smoke free generation. I’d also suggested that the ambition is framed yes in terms of avoidable illness and early death (of course) but also in terms of economic concepts.  Read the blog. Another spin that I hadn’t thought of was how […]

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Scaling up prevention – an STP thought experiment around the benefit of smoking reduction in economic terms

Here’s a thought experiment on smoking, poverty, inequality and the economyYesterday I set a challenge for the leaders of the health and care system in South Yorkshire  I suggested it would be rather ambitious to get smoking prevalence to 10% (Yes those that don’t “do” lifestyle stuff…. I agree there’s far more to it than lifestlye […]