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Transforming Planned Care – some ideas and some evidence

“Transforming” “planned care”   Once a month, I’m asked about “how to transform planned care” I thought I’d better write a stock answer to the question. It’s below Its not easy, nor is it straightforward. Nor do I pretend that the below is the nirvana answer. Furthermore Im under no illusions that I have the […]

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the low value care problem

The “low value care” problem I use this term advisedly!   Basic options Data – spend and activity Culture – its really important. Careful re the over focus on “lists of stuff” and schemes, at expense of culture and organizational incentives? Implementation The provider model – the dealbreaker     1          Basic options   Demand […]

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how to implement procedures of limited clinical value

We would like your thoughts on ” procedures of limited clinical value”  Updated in light of today’s BMJ article on knee surgery……. I am frequently asked this question. I have participated in this area on many occasions over the years. It crops up each time there is a squeeze on money. The below is my […]

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Transforming the outpatient model – 15 ideas with some evidence

  Transforming the outpatient model     The paper starts with some basic principles and considerations then some specific ideas. It is principally an illustration of the art of the possible. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Some of the areas below may have been explored locally already. This is the result of a […]