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Screening for cardiac risk in young adults – a poor way to save lives

This one has cropped up a lot over the years. See this thread from @CRY_UK inviting people between 14-35 to get free ECG heart screenings There’s a handy link to a website to get tested, with handy locations all over the uk. I mostly see the red mist at this point. I’ve also seen mass […]

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Avastin in Opthalmology, after the draft AMD guideline

Christmas is here The AMD guideline is out p150 odd onwards of the full guideline is the business end it is largely as expected very clear (& exceptionally detailed) appraisal of the evidence base around the management of AMD. For me (and many) we were all waiting for this CG to see the […]

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to RCT or to not RCT. On the issue of “evidence” and public health. 

This is a blog on “public health” and evidence. It’s a bit murky….and is a thorny issue The blog is in 2 sections – interpreting evidence and generating evidence Context….complexity is difficult to reduce in evidential terms Imagine the complexity of something like “obesity” and sorting “the evidence” for this…..across multiple domains Quoting Rutter (2013) […]

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“But its an effective treatment, you MUST pay for it”. Five considerations

“But its an effective treatment, it will change lives, you MUST advocate that we have access to it”.  I was told by a ortho colleague of mine last year in regard to a treatment prior to a NICE TA (NICE eventually said no) We had a very interesting discussion following this, focused on 5 questions 1. […]