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Population Health.What’s the point of it all – Ten points

This is, I hope, the last in a series of blogs on population health. This one will try to bring it all together to answer the question of “what’s the point”. Previous blogs in this series are here: 1.Population health / public health, what’s in a name – effort to try to distinguish. We couldn’t […]

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Accountable care – Getting the narrative straight with clinicians. 8 issues

Accountable care – Getting the narrative straight with clinicians. 8 issues Earlier I tried to dispel some of the less helpful narrative that’s around the concept of Accountable Care. Here is the follow up, around getting the narrative straight. It’s based in some year old reflection that still hold true. A year ago I went […]

Accountable Care

Accountable care – correcting some of the unhelpful narrative.

There are many helpful and unhelpful commentaries around about the concept of accountable care. This one by Roger Steer seems to be being used a lot by the detractors of accountable care. It’s quite good, but needs careful interpretation. As does this article by Alyson Pollock and Peter Roderick. There’s a healthy lobby out there […]

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Five capabilities for population health management

I had a careful think on this. People keep asking me on this. I definitely don’t know “the answer”, I don’t think such a thing exists. Everyone and their dog, and their dog’s dad is trying to define “population health” at the moment, hence my previous blogs on it attempting to set out my own […]

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Population health, population health care, population managemen

More than 30 years ago Rose set out the importance of focusing on population factors and not just individuals. We’ve not really made good on the hypothesis yet. Population health is still all the rage, if not properly defined. I’ve had a few gos at defining. Firstly trying to distinguish “public health” and “population health”. […]

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Public sector anchor institutions and inclusive economic growth

Ted Howard from the Democracy Collaborative was in town last week He was the star turn in a workshop exploring the art of the possible on the subject of public organisations as economic anchors, the context of inclusive growth. He imparted a lot of wisdom in a short space of time, and left us with […]

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Role of anchor institutions in sustainable economic growth.

Went to an excellent session a month or two back Ted Howard  of the Democracy Collaboraborative was the headline act With a few able support acts I learned a lot in a short space of time In the spirit of democratising knowledge, here is my note of the meeting 1. What is the Democracy Collaboraborative […]

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ACO indicator metrics volume 4

Ding ding, seconds out….. round 4 I’ve had a few goes at the question of what should our outcome framework look like for our ACP, ACS, ACxxxx. See the references. Here’s next instalment. In short note format. 1) There’s not single pithy answer. I know you know that The task = probably impossible…. But there […]

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The role of Directors of Public Health in STP. 5 thoughts.

This is niche, and mainly for DPH types. Been thinking a lot re the q of what is the role of a DPH in the STP are some thoughts – as always thanks to others who helped develop these thoughts. It’s not quite finished yet, and I’d welcome views. I’ll be clear this isn’t about […]

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Outcomes at population level in the context of accountable care.

We’re all setting up ACOs, ACPs, ACSs and similar. Outcome frameworks are, again, on the cards. Outcome based commissioning is, again, on the cards. This time it will (I hope) be a ‘different’ kind of “commissioning”. I’ve written a lot on outcome based commissioning and on outcome frameworks for an ACO, mostly about specific metrics […]