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urban futures, planning and health & well being

I did a short stint at the UK & Ireland Planning Research Conference a few weeks ago on the interface between urban futures, planning and health & well being.

 slides here.

in the end I didn’t use the slides, but they are posted so you can use them if you want

points in plenary discussion were really interesting

1. Think about systems of cities not cities

Polycentric cities – strategic planning across cities. But still nuanced to the unique features of places

Mayors/Mayoral powers and softer convening power

2. Planning and children

Children mostly don’t feature

Planning for freedom not planning playgrounds.

Lived experience for children should be reflected in the process

3. Forgotten spaces

Unforget them

Green facades and green scaffolding – AQ, Heat island

Run gardens into streetscapes

4. Existing spaces as well as planning new developments

5. Cross sector use of evidence. We under capitalise on this at great scale to get more change

what no longer has traction in sector and will have great traction in a sector where it will be seen as new and innovative

Inevitably will be wheel reinvention as people “discover” things they think are “new”

6. Ideological prejudice

The answer is always based on your worldview and starting point

Ask a bunch of DWP,  sustainability, economist types about the answer to a problem and they give you an answer based on that worldview.

This can apply to anything, that’s not “wrong”, but does need consideration

7. You can’t predict what the world will be like in 50 years’ time

Future is unknown – don’t try to predict. 50 years ago we predicted that we would travel to work on a rocket pack. We didn’t predict mobile phones.

What you plan for will come to pass – so make sure you have thought carefully about what you want.

Think long term – trends and challenges – “mission not a battle”.

It reminded me of this stuff Oxford Martin – And Now For The Long Term

    Mega trends – demography, mobildiy, society, geopolitics, sustainability, health, tex
    Challenges – society, resources, health, geopolitics, governance
    Creative Coalitions – climate change, NCDs
    Innovative, Open and Reinvigorated Institutions: Decades, not Days, independent, accountable institutions with long term horizons, sunset clauses on those, open politics, make the numbers count, tax reform
    Revalue the Future – people AND tec, perverse subsidies – hydrocarbons, sugar?
    Invest in Younger Generations:  Attack Poverty at its Source
    Establish a Common Platform of Understanding – collective vision for society

It’s well worth a read

8. Places v people. Local v strategic master planning 

Ground up. Plenty of will to connect to communities

Vol comm sector doesn’t tend to be focused on planning

Strategic framework provides protection to those with no voice and protects market forces to ensure the city does the right thing

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