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Avastin in Opthalmology, after the draft AMD guideline

Christmas is here

The AMD guideline is out

p150 odd onwards of the full guideline is the business end

it is largely as expected
very clear (& exceptionally detailed) appraisal of the evidence base around the management of AMD.
For me (and many) we were all waiting for this CG to see the light of day for one reason, and one reason alone


the guidline is excellent, comprehensive but…….completely ducks the elephant in the recomendaitons section … institutional risk management Im sure.

beyond the avastin issue – there are many mighty helpful snippets

I keep getting asked, and I have updated my (sadly very detailed – theres a lot of geekiness here) paper on avastin in opth.

worth recalling that NICE = AMD.
There’s plenty of RCT evidence in DMO that says – all drugs are equal. And growing evidence base in RVO
Words like “class effect” spring to mind

The briefing can be accessed here.


NB and health warning Im not a lawyer, but I have a reasonable handle on this one.
use or abuse as you see fit.

Of note the RCOPTH have been active recently in this space

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