Implementing a  health in all policies approach in the context of a public health strategy

What does health in all people policies really mean in the context of a  public health strategy



The original ask of the Leader of the Council and Chief Executive was:

·         Describe what SCC as a “public health organization” would look like

·         “transform ‘public health’ please, from an NHS facing model to a local government facing on.

·         “PH” is not “the PH grant”, it is the sum total of all that happens in Sheff that determines how healthy we are. Influence how the city works to achieve the goal

·        The goal is the 25yr difference in H Life Exp (and the things that lead to this)

·        write a strategy. The aim of the strategy is to describe “SCC as a public health organization” and to enable the public to hold SCC in this.

  • The strategy is now agreed and published:



The approach taken in the strategy

The approach is, deliberately, tipped away from an NHS centric model of public health, through that model still has significant merit. This is an effort to redress the balance in approach to “public health” a bit, but mindful of the large gravitational pull of the NHS and the potential in terms of the staff that work in it. We have, however, made a concerted effect to shift the balance of the discussion and narrative on health away from the NHS and more towards other issues.


this blog sets out some thoughts on how to get on with a health in all policies approach in the context of a PH strategy. It is the attached document



HIAP GF note


success and failure issues to consider (from Hooked on Healthcare)





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