The glacial pace of change in the practice of public health.

A junior doc who basically did an internship with our dept commented on the seemingly glacial pace of change in Public Health compared to clinical medicine.
She’s right
Often when docs come into the PH training programme there’s a big culture shock issue related to this and other issues.
I thought about it and why this is the case.
In many ways it’s so easy to explain:-
PH is basically about to persuade an individual or a population to change something about the way they currently act, in a permanent way, not fixing the here and now.
Mostly that persuasion has got to take place with the context of no resource, weak levers and powers with a large dose of opposition, resistance and vested interests in maintaining status quo.
All that said, it’s still fun! Mostly.
Ps you could equally substitute the words “management” or “commissioning” with public health in the above.


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